Our visit to the weavers


Bridget and I recently made a trip to see where our beautiful blankets are made. We drove deep into rural Wales where our fleeces had been taken, to see what we believe is the only plant that does the whole process, scouring, washing, carding, spinning and weaving, all under one roof.

This is no huge factory pumping out masses of the same. The wool is scoured and washed in what is a fairly domestic arrangement then spun and spooled and woven in a very traditional manner.

We spent an hour or so discussing new designs and colours with our weaver, then drove back to the village where we were staying to look at the wool museum. This was fasinating and although we could see that much of the process had moved on, the actual weaving loom was not that different to what our weaver is using! I was intrigued to see that they actually used to use real teasels to brush up the pile of the woven fabric!

The pace is slow but the result is a beautiful product lovingly made and worth waiting for.

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