Christmas markets on the horizon!

pot hoders
Phew! Summer is all but over and ALL the children, even little Felix, have gone back to school. I’m afraid there hasn’t been much crafting over the summer as the weather has been too good and the beach has taken preference but now the Christmas markets are coming up and we have lots of ideas and at last a little time!

Our new stock is in production and this time we have asked for some cloth of the same so that we can make other things as well as the blankets. Cosy hot water-bottle covers, pot holders and tea cosies are some of the ideas we have as wool is such a good insulator. Our little sheep and lamb sets have been popular so we are busy knitting furiously as well. You know we love crafting so apart from the woollen things we are trying our hand at felt Christmas tree decorations, bunting and cloth lavender bags as well — watch this space!!

Our new range includes a beautiful fresh green that we hope you will love. As soon as it arrives there will be pictures.






At last it seems as if Spring has sprung! Fairs are on the horizon and we are looking forward to showing off our lovely blankets. We are also crafting and at the moment are making an assortment of doorstops and felt cupcakes. So far the doorstops are in the shape of ducks, chickens and owls , but we have sheep and cats in mind as well.

Bridget has a lovely collection of vintage style prints from her time in Hong Kong and we have had great fun mixing and matching them. Each animal seems to take on its own personality. Some cheeky, some serious and we have to restrain the children who would really love to have then in the garden!

The cupcakes look very yummy indeed and making them is fun and relaxing. Bridget can be seen of an evening stitching away and debating over chocolate, lemon or strawberry and then of cause there are the toppings, again as I am sure you can imagine, the children would love to have these in the play house. Friends have also asked for some to be used as pin cushions, so you see, they are multi functional – fun to make, fun to play with AND useful!

Should you want to get crafting, contact us and we would happily help with patterns and advise.


Our first fair will be the Dorset Knob Throwing in Cattistock, please come and say ‘Hi’.

Mary and Bridget

Our visit to the weavers


Bridget and I recently made a trip to see where our beautiful blankets are made. We drove deep into rural Wales where our fleeces had been taken, to see what we believe is the only plant that does the whole process, scouring, washing, carding, spinning and weaving, all under one roof.

This is no huge factory pumping out masses of the same. The wool is scoured and washed in what is a fairly domestic arrangement then spun and spooled and woven in a very traditional manner.

We spent an hour or so discussing new designs and colours with our weaver, then drove back to the village where we were staying to look at the wool museum. This was fasinating and although we could see that much of the process had moved on, the actual weaving loom was not that different to what our weaver is using! I was intrigued to see that they actually used to use real teasels to brush up the pile of the woven fabric!

The pace is slow but the result is a beautiful product lovingly made and worth waiting for.